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Nexstetho solves the "painful" problem of school checkups.

In Japan, April is the season of new enrollment. School medical examinations are required by the "Enforcement Regulations of the School Health and Safety Law" to be conducted, and the examination for heart diseases and abnormalities (related to Article 7, Paragraph 6 of the regulations) requires auscultation.

Internal medical checkups for hundreds of students in all grades are a tradition for the teachers who serve as school physicians, but in reality, it is literally a "pain in the ears" to put on and take off the stethoscope, isn't it?

Nexstetho is a product originally designed to solve the problem of doctors who have pain in the outer ear caused by putting on and off the stethoscope. Why don't you start your medical checkup with Nexstetho?

Here are some comments from doctors who have actually used Nexstetho to conduct school checkups.

Internal Medicine Physician, 40s, male

At the junior high school where I work as a school doctor, girls have to be stethoscoped while wearing their gym clothes. The health teacher pulls the gym clothes a little to open the gap, but it is very difficult to use a regular stethoscope because it gets caught in the clothes or underwear. The stethoscope is very difficult to use because it gets caught in my clothes or underwear, but if I use a Nexstetho, I can use it over my underwear and even hear it over my gym clothes. This is a necessary and sufficient function for school medical checkups. I can now do my school checkups really comfortably. Thank you very much.

Pediatrician, 40s, male

Every spring, I get depressed thinking, "I'm going to get another earache from my checkup. Well, I did. I don't think anyone but doctors understand this, but when I do a series of checkups, the earpiece (the part of the stethoscope that fits over the ear) presses against my ear and it hurts. It's a common thing for doctors. I see about 200 to 300 students in a day, and since I use headphones, there is no pressure on my ears. It's a wonder I didn't have this product before. I'll be using it a lot more in the future!

Internal Medicine Physician, 30s, male

When I saw the promotional photos of Nextate, I saw that they were stethoscoping over the clothes, and I asked the developer, "Isn't that a little strange? I asked the developer. I asked the developer, "Isn't it a little strange?" He replied, "Well, actually, I can hear it very well," and I thought, "No way. After that, when I introduced Nexstetho as an outpatient fever treatment, I could really hear it even over my clothes. It is best to apply it to the skin, but I think it is good for shortening the contact time. Some people can even wear sweatshirts. Surprise.