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  • Do you offer Nexstetho on loan?
    I haven't gone.
  • How can I record using Nexstetho?
    Please prepare an IC recorder capable of linear PCM recording and connect it via a 3.5mm pin jack for recording. Wireless recording is also possible by using a commercially available Bluetooth receiver. How to record auscultation sounds using Nexstetho A dedicated application is under development.
  • Do I need to prepare the chest piece myself?
    Yes, the chestpiece can be removed from your stethoscope. If you are not sure about the installation, we have special products that can be simply attached to your stethoscope. Chest Piece Kit
  • How do I play it on my speakers?
    We are constantly updating our list of recommended models, so please check back.
  • What should I do if there is no sound coming from the Nexstetho unit?
    Nexstetho itself does not have built-in speakers, so please bring headphones, earphones, or speakers separately. We will update this page as needed for recommended equipment.
  • Can I use a chest piece other than Littmann's?
    Some connections can be made depending on the shape of the connection, but this has not been verified. Please try using the O-rings and tubes that come with Nexstetho. Please note that Littmann Master Cartiology is not compatible. If you are not sure about the installation, there is a chest piece kit with a custom-made Focal chest piece. Chest Piece Kit
  • Want to try before you buy, or want us to come to your place for a demo?
    Not available for rent.
  • What causes weak or inaudible heartbeat, breath sounds, or other specific sounds?
    Sound quality often depends on the performance of headphones or earphones and speakers. Products with excellent reproduction capabilities, especially in the low frequency range of 20hz to 60hz, are desirable. We have tested the connection and sound quality, and have compiled a list of products that we believe are compatible with Nexstetho, which we hope you will refer to. (Updated as needed)
  • Is Nexstetho a medical device?
    Nexstetho has not been filed as a medical device.
  • There is no chest piece in the box.
    The boxes are designed for storage and are shaped as such.
  • Lost screws, adjuster tubes, or O-rings
    Sold as maintenance parts. Please contact us.
  • I am not sure how to install the chest piece.
    Please see this video.
  • I am having trouble pairing with my Bluetooth device.
    The first time pairing is 1: Put your headphones (or earphones or speakers) into pairing mode. 2: Turn on Nexstetho (Wireless LED blinks on and off = wireless function is working properly) 3: Press and hold the wireless button for 3 seconds 4: Pairing is established. 5:Caution 1:Please turn off the Bluetooth of nearby smartphones and other devices. 6:Note 2:If pairing does not work, please try 3 again, or 2 to 3 again. Please also refer to the following video
  • I would like to purchase and sell Nexstetho.
    Please contact our sales representative Contact Us
  • I need a catalog.
    You can download the PDF version here. Japanese, English, and Chinese (Traditional) versions are available. Nexstetho Catalog
  • I have a hearing impairment and cannot perform auscultation. Can I use Nexstetho for auscultation?
    Since the degree of disability varies from person to person, some people seem to benefit from it while others do not. However, there have been reports of nurses with cochlear implants who have been able to hear again with Nexstetho. Please consult your specialist. I was so happy and moved to tears because it brought back the nostalgic feeling I had when I was healthy.
  • Can hear ambient sounds, but cannot hear heartbeat
    Depending on the situation, try the following If you feel the heartbeat is weak, press the I button on the Nexstetho main unit. Pressing the Ⅰ button will enter a mode that makes it easier to hear the heartbeat. Make sure that the chest piece is securely installed all the way to the back with no gaps or wobbling. Please use the supplied O-rings and tubes to adjust the fit. If you cannot hear the heartbeat completely, the direction of the chestpiece opening may be reversed. Please remove the chestpiece from Nexstetho once, turn the middle shaft, and then put it back.
  • Strong feedback and cannot be heard through the speakers.
    The tips to avoid feedback are as follows. Place the speaker at a distance from the main body of Nexstetho. Place the speaker facing backward. Wrap the main body of the speaker in a towel, etc. Heartbeats and other sounds are low frequency and can be heard even when wrapped in a towel. In this environment, we hope you will try to increase the volume of the speakers as needed.

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