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Nexstetho Customer Success

Nexstetho Synapse is the world's first
Tele-auscultation System

The "D to P with N" style of online medical care (where a nurse stays with the patient and performs various procedures under the guidance of a doctor online) is realized. Unlike existing telemedicine tools, connecting the digital auscultation device "Nexstetho" will enable real-time remote auscultation and improve the diagnosis system.

Nexstetho Synapse Implementation Examples

Nexstetho Synapse was developed in collaboration with NTT Smart Connect. The network goes through the company's reliable data center, but it is basically a streaming type, so no data is left on the servers or communication terminals.

The company has already installed Nexstate Synapse. Dr. Ogura, Hachinohe Family Clinic, Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture, gave us his opinion.