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I'm an orthopedic surgeon using Nexstetho to complete about 300 school physicals a day!

This time, I'm talking to Dr. Osuka (Osuka Orthopedics), an orthopedic surgeon. He said that he doesn't use a stethoscope much in his regular consultations because he is an orthopedic surgeon. He said that he used to feel nervous every time he had to use a stethoscope during medical checkups, but with the introduction of Nexstetho, he was able to efficiently conduct medical checkups for about 300 students.


I am an orthopedic surgeon, but I have already been a school physician at a nearby middle school for about 8 years. Scoliosis detection is one of my specialties, but every time I have to do an unaccustomed auscultation, I feel nervous. Moreover, when I used a mechanical stethoscope to examine about 300 children in one day, my ears were constricted by the earpiece, and I was troubled by ear pain and headache.

On social networking sites, a junior doctor in my university introduced Nexstetho. I was watching the situation, wondering if it would be difficult for the general public to accept it, but then the new corona pandemic hit. With the growing understanding of new lifestyles, we introduced Nexstetho with the expectation that it could be used for infection prevention.

Status of medical checkup

  • I basically wore only gym clothes and no underwear during the auscultation.

  • I connected a commercially available full wireless earphone to the Nexstetho.

  • In two and a half hours, I successfully completed medical checkups for about 300 men and women, and I did not have any headache or ear pain like with a mechanical stethoscope.

  • I was able to carefully auscultate the student with underlying heart disease. Heart sounds can be heard very well.

Good points!👍

  • You can hear the auscultation clearly without taking off your clothes. I think it is especially suitable for female students.

  • Even though I was wearing another undergarment under my gym clothes, I could hear well with the volume control.

  • The chest piece does not come in direct contact with the skin, so it provides protection against infection.

  • You don't have to get naked on a cold day.

  • The Nexstetho sounded much better than the mechanical stethoscope.