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Digital auscultation device "Nexstetho"








Digital output

  1. USB audio (sampling rate 96kHz / 24bit)

  2. Bluetooth (A2DP/AAC) Delay : 0.5sec

Analog output

  1. 3.5mm pin jack x 2 (impedance 32Ω / 20mW), delay : 80μsec


The "I button" (Beat), "II button" (Flow), and "I button + II button" (Jet) can be used for different acoustic settings. When the power is turned on, the LED on the I button and the II button is off (normal), and with one click, the LED lights up green and the sound settings for each mode are turned on.

  • Normal: No adjustment is made.

  • Beat : This setting makes it easier to hear low frequencies (heartbeat, vibration, etc.)

  • Flow: This setting makes it easier to hear mid- to high-frequency sounds (water flow, air flow, etc.)

  • Jet: Setting to make high frequency sounds easier to hear (jet sound, water flow, etc.)


  • Aluminum

  • ABS resin (antibacterial)


  • Battery type: Lithium polymer battery

  • Battery capacity: 400mAh/3.7V

  • Current consumption: 380mA

  • Full charge: 2 hours

  • Operation time: 4 hours (continuous use)

  • Standby time: 250 hours

  • Charging standard: 5V1A


  • Operating temperature range: 41º to 104ºF (5º to 40ºC), relative humidity 15 to 93%.

  • Storage temperature range: 14º to 131ºF (-10º to 55ºC) with 0 to 93% relative humidity


  • Communication method: Bluetooth 4.2

  • Frequency: 2.4GHz band (2.4000Ghz to 2.4835GHz)

  • Modulation method: FHSS

  • Profile: A2DP

  • Codec: AAC

  • TELEC: 201-200870


  • CE

*Communication range is approx. 10m in line-of-sight distance.


3M™ Littmann™ Stethoscope Series

  • Cardiology IV™ (excludes 3M™ Littmann™ Stethoscope Series)

  • Cardiology III

  • Master Classic II

  • Classic III™ (for children)

  • Classic II™ (Pediatric)

  • Classic II (Newborn)

  • Classic II S.E.™ (Newborn)

  • Lightweight II S.E.™ (for newborns)

*Not available for Master Cardiology


  • Nexstetho main unit: 1 unit

  • MicroUSB TypeB cable: 1 pic

  • O-rings: 2 large, 2 small

  • Adjuster tube: 1 pic

  • Instruction manual: 1 copy

*Chestpiece, headphones, and chargers are not included.

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