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Community guidelines

Here are some guidelines to help the Next State Support Community be a convenient and comfortable place for everyone.

The Next State Support Community is a place for members to help each other to get the most out of Next State and its services. Please follow the guidelines below to create a useful community for all members.

  1. Please exchange information with mutual respect. Answers will be received from other members who use the community. Keep this in mind when posting your question.

  2. Try to be a site where all users are polite and help each other.

  3. Please be careful not to deviate from the main subject.

  4. When replying, please provide new and useful information to help resolve the issue.

  5. Please refrain from slander, insult, provocation, or negative comments against other members.

  6. Avoid overuse of words in large letters (or capitalized English), bold letters, or other highlights, as they can give a negative impression.

  7. Please warmly welcome all users.

  8. When replying, please try to reply with useful information in positive sentences.

  9. Regardless of the situation or the other person, please be respectful and respect the dignity of the other person. If the conversation is no longer constructive, you can stop halfway through.

  10. Please participate with compassion. Make sure everyone is comfortable asking and answering questions, regardless of level, skill, knowledge or experience. Please refrain from looking from above.

  11. Please be friendly when interacting with other members. Please refrain from offensive comments.

  12. Please try to make it easier for other members to answer.

  13. Post in the appropriate forum as much as possible.

  14. When posting, make sure that the question is clearly stated. Please specify the version of your product or software, and what kind of situation you would like us to help you with.

  15. Make the title easy to understand and concise.

  16. We would like to thank the members for guiding us in the right direction. Click the "♥" button for a helpful reply.

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