Diversity and Inclusion Education Using Nexstetho: "You Can Be Yourself"

Mr. Ryu Inomata, a congenital heart disease patient, has teamed up with Mr. Kyoga Ide, a muscular dystrophy patient, to give lectures on diversity and inclusion at schools in Nagano Prefecture. In order to help people understand invisible disabilities, the lecture was given using Nexstetho to compare heartbeats, and we would like to introduce it here.

Mr. Ryu Inomata

 I (a congenital heart disease patient with a disability that is not apparent) and Mr. Kyoga Ide (a muscular dystrophy patient with a disability that is apparent) have teamed up to give lectures on diversity and inclusion at schools in Nagano Prefecture. By standing in front of the students, the two of them are able to make them feel the many variations of human beings and say, "There are many different people in the world, and what they can do and what they can't do are all different, so we live by helping each other. That's why it's okay for you to be who you are. There is no line between the able-bodied and the disabled. There is no line between the able-bodied and the disabled.

 In addition, as the Nagano Prefecture Help Mark Director commissioned by the Governor of Nagano Prefecture, she is involved in the education and distribution of the Help Mark.

As part of his efforts to raise social awareness of congenital heart disease and to educate patients on how to become independent, he runs a Youtube channel called "Living With Heart - Everyone's Way of Life."

Utilizing the Nexstetho

When I give lectures to children and students, I compare heart sounds in order for them to feel the difference between me and them. Since they can't feel that there are things I can't do by looking at me, I compare the sound of a healthy heart and my heart, and ask them to listen to the loudness and speed of the sound and the jumping pulse. After that, I explain the reasons for them, and the children and students are convinced. Elementary school students are especially excited and it becomes a very enjoyable time of exchange.

Impressions of Lecture Attendees

Junior high school student

Before I listened to the lecture, I may have made a distinction between normal people and people with disabilities, but after listening to the lecture, I felt that there was no distinction at all, and that people with disabilities are just like normal people, only a little different. I would like to create a society where people can help and be helped naturally.

Junior college student

When I heard that "there are many people out there, but if you are creative, you can have fun" and saw them enjoying the sleepover party, I realized that if we all accept each other and pay attention to each other, we can enjoy our lives just like healthy people. I thought I could enjoy my life just as much as able-bodied people. I would like to deepen my understanding and use this as a reference when I have the opportunity to interact with such people.

Company representative

When I was thinking about employment, I thought that it was impossible for us to hire people with disabilities, but now I realize that there are jobs that are possible. I would like to reconsider how to work with them.

Teacher at school for the disabled

I was impressed by the words, "I want you to feel with your skin that there are many people in the world. Of course, I understand in my head that there are many people in the world, but to feel it firsthand seemed like a natural thing to do. Both of the lecturers are very energetic, and I think they are giving courage to many people. The words "I like myself" and "I am happy now" made me very happy.